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Here at Sacramento Solar Services and Shine Up Solar we focus 100% on attention to detail as to never miss a spot on cleaning your solar panels. Contact our team of certified Solar Panel Cleaners to maintain and clean your solar panels today! We are the Leading provider for Solar Panel Cleaning. Shine Up Solar is committed to increasing the efficiency of your solar panels.

Certified team of Solar Panel Cleaners in Sacramento, CA

Accumulation of pollen, leaves, dust, wild fires, bird droppings, daily emissions and other debris will effect the panels which cause their efficiency to drop significantly over time. Research has shown that dirty solar panels run hotter, and work harder, which will contribute to a reduction of power and will also impact the life of your panels. We have seen many different instances in the Sacramento area where cleaning solar panels have increased energy output of 20 – 66%. Shine Up Solar offers solar panel cleaning in Sacramento Give us a call: (916) 676-3687

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Solar Cleaning Residential

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Commercial Solar Cleaning

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Solar Clearing

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Solar Maintenance

Northern California Solar Cleaning

Shine Up Solar is based in Sacramento, however with many locations in Northern California, Shine Up Solar is able to provide solar panel cleaning services throughout San Francisco and San Jose. We have completed many commercial projects in the Bay Area and the South Bay Area. Commercial Solar Cleaning services provided by Shine Up Solar are needed quite regularly in the Bay Area as the salt, birds and debris are a very common problem.

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If you are looking for a certified team of solar panel cleaners, Shine Up Solar is the company of choice in Sacramento. Shine Up Solar is the premiere Solar Panel Cleaning and Washing company in Northern California. We have completed projects of all sizes including residential solar cleaning, commercial solar cleaning and industrial solar panel cleaning.  We offer cleaning options from one time cleanings to weekly cleanings. If you have solar panels and are located in the Sacramento/ Northern California area, please give us a cal today.

Solar Panel Cleaning Options

  • 1 Time Solar Cleaning
  • Monthly Solar Cleaning
  • Quarterly Solar Cleaning
  • Bi-Annual Solar Cleaning
  • Annual Solar Cleaning
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Residential Solar Cleaning
Commercial Solar Cleaning

Commercial Solar Cleaning Sacramento

We provide Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning throughout Sacramento

Family Owned and Operated Since 2008 – Solar Panel Cleaning & Washing Sacramento, CA. Shine Up Solar of Sacramento has only the finest trained solar cleaning crews that specialize in their field. We are located in Sacramento and currently specialize in commercial but have teams of residential crews as well. We will be happy to answer any questions if you are interested in keeping your panels in great condition. When was the last time you heard of someone even cleaning their panels?


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About Shine Up Solar

Shine Up Solar started in Roseville, CA 5 years ago when 2 entrepreneurs saw the need for cleaning solar panels in the fast growing solar industry. The company’s first goal was to clean all the dirty solar panels in the Sacramento Area for residential and commercial. After about 2 years we realized that there was a greater need in the commercial and utility scale projects.

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